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1999年、J@pan Inc. という新しいテクノロジーと日本のビジネスに関する雑誌のデザインを担当する仕事で来日しました。雑誌の仕事は3年間続き、その後一度イギリスに戻りました。(英国へ帰国していた4 年間は、Telegraph Media Group のコマーシャル セクションのアート ディレクターとして働いていました。)


2018年より(株)itsumo musicのデザイナーとして勤務。私は会社で直接働いており (多くの場合音楽デュオ Cousin)、会社が私の代理店として働いています。

最近の年代に、私はオンライン デパート MILLEPORTE と契約を結び、そこでアニメーション/ビデオのソフトウェアとデジタルデザインも扱うようになりました。。

I came to Japan in 1999 to design a magazine about new technology and Japanese business called J@pan Inc. The magazine continued for three years, after which I returned to the UK. (Where I worked for 4 years, eventually as art director, for the commercial section of the Telegraph Media Group.)

I returned to Japan in 2006 and have been here since then. My work has almost entirely come from within Japan and has often centred around Japanese culture and issues, and often for an international audience – from designing the independent, government-sponsored report into the Fukushima accident to designing English-language versions of Japanese books for The Japan Library and much more.

Since 2018 I have been employed by itsumo music production company as their designer – both for the company (notably with the duo Cousin) and for hire.

In recent years, I have been contracted to online department store MILLEPORTE, where I moved from print to also work with animation/video and online software.

As well as itsumo music, clients have included:
itsumo musicのほかに、クライアントには下が含まれます

• The Japan Library
• Various publishers
• The Japanese government
• The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
• The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
• The Japan Women's Network for Disaster Risk Reduction
• The Afghanistan Embassy
• The Japan Science and Technology Agency
• Tsukuba University
Clients at MILLEPORTE include well-known fashion, drinks and luxury brands from Levis to Moët & Chandon

And clients while at the Telegraph in the UK included Renault, Citröen, Harrods, Waitrose, Jacobs Creek, Clinique, various national tourist agencies etc

Itsumo Music logo

Some cover designs and the original logo design for my first job in Japan, J@pan Inc magazine (from 1999~2002)
日本での最初の仕事から: J@pan Inc雑誌 (1999 年〜 2002 年) の表紙デザインとオリジナル ロゴ デザイン

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