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Senior designer at MILLEPORTE (2020~) / ミレポルテのシニアデザイナー

Online and print design work for | milleporte.com | のオンラインとプリントデザイン。

Above: Concept and video editing for Valentine's Day campaign 2023
Photographer Rhaymond Recentes

Mothers Day logo

Autumn sale logo
Valentines day logo
Logos/lettering for campaigns on the site.
(See also my logo page.)

Animated beauty products
SNS animated GIF promotion for Spring – Etvos beauty products.
Made with then-Creative Director Olivier Bigarini and photographer Rhaymond Recentes. Retoucher Daiki Inayama

Animated Mother's Day email
Email newsletter animated GIF for Mother's Day.
Mother's DayのメールマガジンのGIFアニメーション
Image from unsplash.com.

Animated, Instagram Reel promotion and logos for Autumn Beauty products, 2023, and New Year 2024.

Animated, on-site promotion for the HACCI brand. / HACCIブランドのアニメーションによるオンサイトプロモーション。
Photographer Rhaymond Recentes. Retoucher Daiki Inayama

New Year card
2022 New Year design – for email and printed with gold ink and embossed.

Advertsing banners
Online banners advertising MILLEPORTE.
Photography Rhaymond Recentes and Reiko Shimozaki Retouching Daiki Inayama, Shoichi Mori.
Pages from the book

About Andrew Pothecary

(A Tokyo-based graphic designer for itsumo music production company.)
株式会社itsumo musicのデザイナーです。アンドリューは東京を本拠地としグラフィックデザイナーです。
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