Seijin no hi

Photography – own work plus professional photos and commissions.

Kyoto in the snow

Top: coming-of-age day. Above: somewhere near Kyoto in the snow.


Harajuku shopping reflected in mirrors. I used one of these shots for the cover of the book, 鏡に映った原宿ショッピング。「When AI Becomes God」本の表紙に使用。

Nambu ironware

Inside a small two-man factory workshop, which is black with metalic dust, where they make nambu ironware (traditional Japanese kettles and the like). Taken for the Takumi (artisan) book I designed and photographed.

Making sushi

The hands of Hidekasu Tojo, sushi-master with a restaurant in Vancouver – and who invented the California Roll. I was lucky enough to get the home-made sushi he's making here.
カリフォルニアロールを考案した寿司職人 東條英員の手


People at the sea in Akiya.

Temple and office building

A man takes a call outside an office building with shrine reflected in the glass.


Portrait of Kumagai-san, boss of the Kumagai-gumi yakuza clan. For a report in the Christian Science Monitor by Gavin Blair
熊谷さんの肖像、熊谷組の上司。 Christian Science Monitorの記事。


Portrait of Hagiwara-san at home, taken for the book La deco des jeunes japonais ("interior decoration of young Japanese") which I also designed.
La deco des jeunes japonais(一人辛しのインテリアデザイン)本の撮影。


Two of many portraits of journalists and photographers I've taken for the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan magazine Number 1 Shimbun. (Journalist Anna Fifield and photographer Stirling Elmendorf.
海外向け機関誌などで撮影したジャーナリストや写真家など多数の肖像画。(写真は Anna Fifield Stirling Elmendorfのポートレート)。