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Itsumo music logo

Logos and lettering


Above – a page from the Japanese-language Logo Design book, which featured 7 of my logos.
上:「ロゴデザイン教科書」に私のロゴデザインも7つ選ばれました。例えばBIOCOOLのバイオパッケージング また、ロゴの歴史に関する小さなコラムにも寄稿しています。ここでAmazonから入手可能

Itsumo music

itsumo music株式会社(itsumo music.co.,ltd.)のロゴデザイン。

Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

My updating and coordinating of the logo of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan.
Client: FCCJ. See their website here.

Lettering for CDs

Lettering for CDs. Cousin's 10th anniversary CD, "Ten", emphasising the dots which are one of the meanings of "ten" in Japanese. | Lettering for the duo Dreaming (singers of the Anpanman theme) for their first solo CD, which mirrors the cover photo of the pair on swings. | "Donzoko Heaven": CD title design for the Jarnz CD – it means "Upside-down Heaven" in English. | Lettering that appeared hidden inside the CD sleeve for my design of Yoshimi Iwasaki's 35th anniversary CD.

The Fukushima-report icon

An icon for the back cover of the independent, government-sponsored report into the Fukushima nuclear accident – an icon of the governmental Diet building.

Olympic-logo submission

My design for the Tokyo Olympics logo open competition. (Obviously, I didn't win!)