Cousin 10 CD

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Some CD jacket and packaging designs

Cousin 10 CD

Top and above: the leaflet for my design of Cousin's album "ten". The title refers to their 10th anniversary, sky/heaven and dots. To play on the idea of dots, I designed a join-the-dots fold-out interior leaflet, which, when the listener finished it, made the kanji "friend".

Dreaming CD Dreaming CD

Case, jacket and booklet for Dreaming's "Yume [dream] album". I made the design and took the photos – all the photos were based on original childhood photos of the duo.

Iwasaki Yoshimi CD
Iwasaki Yoshimi CD
Iwasaki Yoshimi CD

Case and jacket for Yoshimi Iwasaki's "30th Anniversary Concert" CD and DVD. A double fold-out CD jacket, for which I also took the photographs. Above right: "hidden" logo of Yoshimi's name inside the CD sleeve
岩崎良美「30th Anniversary Concert」のCD/DVD/ケース/スリーブのロゴ/ジャケットの撮影とデザイン。

Colour of My Heart CD
Colour of My Heart CD

Sleeve design for Cousin and Yoshimi Iwasaki's joint CD Colour of My Heart. The stencil-style title was designed to be removed. Inside were different patterned inserts, which meant the owner of the CD could vary the colours of the cover.

Taro Hakese box set

Design for the cover of the box of Taro Hakase's 25th Anniversary CD set.