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Published by MdN in Japanese, this is my book (the title translates to "Alphabet Secrets Revealed by a British Designer") about the connections, associations and meanings linked to each letter of the alphabet.
Available from Amazon Japan – and you can "see inside" - here.

(Published by MdN

The letter C
The letter H
The opening page of the book

Book design by atmosphere ltd (Based on a template by myself.)

People attending a talk

Talk event organised by the bookshop Tegamisha in Tokyo, December 2016.

people attending a talk

Talk event organised by 20T event space and Readan Deat bookshop in Hiroshima, November 2016。Photo by cooltiger.
2016年11月に広島で開催された20T(イベントスペース)とReadan Deat(書店)によるトークイベント。

An animated gif of the alphabet book