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Beach sunset

Photography: own work, published photos and commissions. / >写真:自分の作品とプロの写真

Coming of age day
Kyoto in the snow
Nambu ironware
Making sushi
Blind soccer

Portrait of Kumagai-san, boss of the Kumagai-gumi yakuza clan. For a report in the Christian Science Monitor by Gavin Blair. 熊谷さんの肖像、熊谷組の上司。 Christian Science Monitorの記事。

Lucy's portrait
Golovnin's portrait

A couple of shots from many portraits I took of foreign correspondents for Number 1 Shimbun.

The Great Wave

Own-work photography: "no photo" instant images. / 自分の写真:「写真なし」インスタントイメージ。

These photos are made by pushing the chemicals of instant-photo prints (from Polaroid and Impossible Project) without exposing an image. / これらの写真は、画像を露光せずにインスタント写真プリント(Polaroid and Impossible Project製)の化学薬品を押すことによって作られています。


Triptych. トリプティク。


Detail. 詳細。

Corrupted wave
Forest canopy

Mobile-phone mixed flowers / 携帯カメラでレイヤードフラワー。

mixed flowers
mixed flowers
mixed flowers