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Feature on infrastructure

Magazine/雑誌: The Canadian

I designed the new-look for The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan's in-house magazine, from Summer 2022.(Above Summer '22 and '23)
CCCJ(在日カナダ商工会議所) の社内誌の新しいデザインをしました。2022 年夏号から。
Client: CCCJ.
Superstructure feature
In remberance of PM Shinzo Abe
Canada food exports
Canada-Japan Coop
The Canadian Winter 2023 cover

No 1 Shimbun (Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan)
Number 1 Shimbun (日本外国特派員協会)

I designed the FCCJ's in-house magazine, Number 1 Shimbun (between 2007 and 2020).
Client: FCCJ.

Covers about reporting Covid and Carlos Ghosn
Above: Covers about reporting Covid and Carlos Ghosn

Sink the Asahi and Press freedom in Hong King issues
Above, left: using my own photo illustration; right, about Hong Kong press freedom
上左: 私写真イラストを使用。 右、香港の報道の自由について

North Korea - award-winning cover
Above: Society of Publication Designers (New York) Merit-winning cover design (using my illustration) from 2016.
上は2016年のSociety of Publication Designers Awards「値」のアワード表紙。
The Tohoku earthquake cover
Above: wraparound cover for the issue after the 3/11 earthquake. Photo by Rob Gilhooly.

Twitter and seawalls issues
Above, right: using my own illustration.

Student winners and Cirscus covers
Above, left: using my illustration.


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