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The Kidai Shoran Scroll: Tokyo Street Life in the Edo Period

Design of the English-language version of Ozawa Hiromu and Kobayashi Tadashi's book about the 200-year-old picture scroll the Kidai Shoran.
小澤 弘と小林 忠 の200年前の「熈代勝覧」について本(英語バージョン)のデザイン。 (For The Japan Library).

Page layout
Page layout
Page layout
The book was laid out from right to left, an unfamiliar layout in English

Book cover

Every Day a Good Day

Design of the English-language translation of Noriko Matsushita's book about her experiences in the way of Tea. Cover photo by Mitsuyoshi Hirano, Shinchosha Publishers.

For the Japan Library.

Detail of endpapers and flap
Chapter heading
Book text

Book cover

Traditional Cuisine of the Ryukyu Islands

Design of the English-language translation of Takagi Rin's book about Okinawan traditional food. Cover photo by Kobayashi Hiroshi (Spiral).
高木 凛の本「大琉球料理帖」、英訳の本のデザイン。

For the Japan Library.

Book cover

In Praise of Shadows:

both book design and photography



Published by Sopra Books.

Photo and text

Book cover

Ise Jingu and the Origins of Japan

A book by photographer Miori Inata, who spent 10 years photographing Ise Jingu, the main Shinto shrine in Japan, and its 20-year cycle of renewal. The book was also given as a gift to attendees at the 2016 G7 summit. Published by Shogakkan.
伊勢神宮を10年以上にわたり撮影し続ける写真家・稲田美織氏が海外向けに日本の原点「伊勢神宮」について書き下ろした写真読本。欧米人エディターとデザイナーが編集した英語版。日本古来の循環・共生思想を解説。小学館発行。Available here

Fold-out pages
Fold-out 4-page spread. 4ページの折りたたみ見開きで。

Book covers

Takumi and La déco des jeunes japonais
匠とLa déco des jeunes japonais

book designs and all photography


Published in France by by MARK's inc in 2012.

Contents layout detail
Photo spread
Photo aspreadnd text

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