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The Kidai Shoran Scroll: Tokyo Street Life in the Edo Period


Design of the English-language version of Ozawa Hiromu and Kobayashi Tadashi's book about the 200-year-old picture scroll the Kidai Shoran. / 小澤 弘と小林 忠 の200年前の「熈代勝覧」について本(英語バージョン)のデザイン。
(For The Japan Library).
Page layout
Page layout
Page layout

The book was laid out from right to left, an unfamiliar layout in English

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Every Day a Good Day

Design of the English-language translation of Noriko Matsushita's book about her experiences in the way of Tea. Cover photo by Mitsuyoshi Hirano, Shinchosha Publishers. / 森下典子の茶道の経験についての本の英訳のデザイン。表紙の写真:平野光吉
For the Japan Library.

Detail of endpapers and flap
Chapter heading
Book text

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Traditional Cuisine of the Ryukyu Islands

Design of the English-language translation of Takagi Rin's book about Okinawan traditional food. Cover photo by Kobayashi Hiroshi (Spiral). / 高木 凛の本「大琉球料理帖」、英訳の本のデザイン。
For the Japan Library.

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In Praise of Shadows: both book design and photography


Published by Sopra Books.
Photo and text
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Ise Jingu and the Origins of Japan

A book by photographer Miori Inata, who spent 10 years photographing Ise Jingu, the main Shinto shrine in Japan, and its 20-year cycle of renewal. The book was also given as a gift to attendees at the 2016 G7 summit. Published by Shogakkan. / 伊勢神宮を10年以上にわたり撮影し続ける写真家・稲田美織氏が海外向けに日本の原点「伊勢神宮」について書き下ろした写真読本。欧米人エディターとデザイナーが編集した英語版。日本古来の循環・共生思想を解説。小学館発行。Available here
Fold-out pages Fold-out 4-page spread. 4ページの折りたたみ見開きで。

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Takumi and La déco des jeunes japonais: book designs and all photography

匠とLa déco des jeunes japonais:本のデザインと写真

Published in France by by MARK's inc in 2012.
Contents layout detail
Photo spread
Photo aspreadnd text

Andrew Pothecary is a graphic designer for itsumo music production company. Tokyo-based. For all your print/design work.

株式会社itsumo musicのデザイナーです。アンドリューは東京を本拠地としグラフィックデザイナーです、あらゆるプリントなどのデザインに

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